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Do Not Use This Username Pass With TMO Software 


-NEW EXYNOS (SHANNON) Series Direct Read Code (4 Credits for 1 phone)

-Added support for SM-G950F, SM-G950FD, SM-G950N (Galaxy S8)
-Added support for SM-G955F, SM-G955FD, SM-G955N (Galaxy S8+)
-Added support for SM-N950F, SM-N950FD, SM-N950N (Galaxy Note8)
-Added support for SM-A320F, SM-A320FD, SM-A320FL, SM-A320Y
-Added support for SM-A520F, SM-A520FD, SM-A520K, SM-A520L, SM-A520S, SM-A520W
-Added support for SM-A720F, SM-A720FD, SM-A720S
-Added support for SM-J327A, SM-J327AZ, SM-J327U, SM-J327W
-Added support for SM-J727A, SM-J727AZ, SM-J727S, SM-J727U
-Added support for SM-J330F, SM-J330FD, SM-J330FN, SM-J330G, SM-J330L, SM-J330N
-Added support for SM-J530F, SM-J530F(x), SM-J530K, SM-J530G(x), SM-J530L, SM-J530S, SM-J530Y(x)
-Added support for SM-J730F, SM-J730FD, SM-J730FN, SM-J730FM, SM-J730G, SM-J730GM, SM-J730K

-Fixed bug : SM-J327A / SM-J327AZ (read zero codes)
-Added support for SC04J
-Added support for SM-J326AZ
-Added support for SM-A500W