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This Tool is a Calculator. What that means for you:

You must add the correct IMEI or your code will be incorrect and we are unable to refund.
Do not order unsupported models as your code will not work and we cannot refund.
We recommend only ordering this tool after you have double checked the internal IMEI of the phone by
pressing *#06# on the handset.

Sidekick 3 (PV200)
Sidekick 2008 (PV210)
Sidekick LX Midnight Blue (PV250)
Sidekick Dianne Von Furstenberg (PV200)
DWade Sidekick 3 (PV200)
Sidekick ID (PV150)
Sidekick LX Brown (PV250)
Sidekick LX Tony Hawk SE (PV250)

Sidekick Slide (Q700)
Sidekick LX 2009 (PV300)
Sidekick 4G (T839)